Dress Myself

Dress Myself Montessori

Environment Allows Freedom for Kids

It is interesting to live in an environment that reveals the freedom of a human being; this environment is the Montessori class. The environment imitates real-life activities. In observing the worm class you would defiantly say, “Home sweet home”. This leads us to a more valuable element which is independence. It is considered a natural result in each activity found in the class. Seeing the kids/kid pouring water, tying his shoes, and slicing the banana is a unique view. This will lead to a more confident child and a future result for a citizen of society. All life skills are stepping stones to independence. When the Montessori guide presents the dressing frames, the child can button his t-shirt, zip his jacket, and tie his shoes without his caregiver assistance.

Strong Relationships and Bonding

It will be a great assistance in bonding the relationship between the caregiver and the kids. The caregiver will be free to focus on different issues than presenting help in these basic skills. All these fasteners (Dressing Frames), shown in the figure above, assist in developing eye-hand coordination and fine motor skill.

For the child to be independent in basic life skills makes him stable sociologically. He no longer needs someone to help him. The child will say “ I can do it myself”.

You can find the montessori kids dressing frames at

Sahar Radwan
Montessori Directress

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