Foster Independence

اوعية بنُون الآمنة للطفل

One of the remarkable results of the Montessori system is independence. The child learns through the complete system how to be an independent individual. Of course, this happens when the child is exposed to the environment for not less than three hours continuously. If you observe children in the Montessori environment, they tend to move and carry out continuous tasks that foster their independence. By doing that develops their sense of themselves in their world. They learn to be a goal-oriented citizen. At the same time, they understand their own needs and the other, too. 

“The child has an internal power to bring about co-ordinations, which he thus creates himself, and once these have begun to exist he goes on perfecting them by practice. This is clearly one of the principal creative factors in their production.” 

Dr. Montessori The Montessori Method

Independence in Practical life 

If you zoom in on the Montessori environment and focus on the practical life activity, one of the activities is how to set a table. Setting a table is an activity that assists the child to know how to serve himself and others. Serve the self is essential need for the child to be more independent. Knowing where to place the knife, spoon, cup, and plate is important. It is easier for them to have a simple guide to assist them in the learning. The below mat is a guide for the child.

Kid Eating Mat

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When the child is confident enough to make the table setting for himself, the child can make the table setting for others too. Only then he becomes an effective citizen. Here is a tiny example of how this children can be turned to an independent , and can be trust themselves more.

What are the areas that develop by fostering independence?

  • Self- confidence 
  • Cognitive skill
  • Eye- hand coordination
  • Fine and Gross motor skills
  • Montessori is great in building self- determination. You can use it now and not later and following is one of Baanoon Store items that is one of the main Montessori items:
اوعية بنُون الآمنة للطفل
Baanoon Store Eating Mat

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