Learning in different Places

Learning in different places

Most of us think that formal learning is the only way to learn while the shortest way to learn is through the informal way. 

Informal learning includes finding out what actual life experience the child can go through. Parents can make a list of places, which are appropriate for visiting according to their child’s age. The visit to a farm is very effective for a child.  

“Formal education makes you walk in the zoo, Informal education makes you walk in the savanna “

Stephen W. Hart

In the Libraries

One of the most important places of learning is the library. Most of them are really like a fun center and it is no longer for only borrowing books. If you check your local library, you will find different activities presented. You might find an author telling his story in a group form. This will get the child to mingle in the community and understand what an author is. Even extra activities like art, and music. The child will get different experiences in different fields. This will help him to find what his favorite areas are. It is crucial to know the self. This will assist the child to be more balanced sociologically. Here is a link for stunning libraries:

Pay a visit to Museums

Different kinds of museums are resourceful places for learning. The child will travel over time through these museums. He will appreciate his living after knowing a lot of information about how was it hard living a long time ago. To get the most out of a museum visit, you have to plan for it with your child. The child needs to know the location of the museum and how to get there. You can explore the place by using the map of the museum. Adding to that, the child can draw what he observed, or his favorite piece. Sometimes these museums present lectures on certain topics related to the museum. Here is a virtual visit as a resource for you:

Be in a club

Sports, music, art, and drama are presented to children in clubs. Being a participant in spiritual and unspiritual activities is as important as water to a fish. You need to have an idea what are the kinds of clubs near your house. You can make a reasonable plan for the child to join as long as he is engaged in it. The child will discover himself, make social interactions and learn too.

Sahar Radwan – Montessori Directress

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