Sounds Do Differ

Baby with wooden stick on hand

An angel is a member of the family now. Our family received an infant a couple of days. He was so cute and responded to different sounds around him in our environment. The body started to move when he heard a sound. He starts to imitate the sounds. Once I read in “The Absorbent Mind” written by Dr. Maria Montessori that stimulating the senses will increase the infant’s development. I bought some of the materials like the rod rattle with rings and cylinder rattle and experienced a change in our new angel as he is starting to be more aware of the environment.

As Dr. Montessori stated in her books a newborn child starts to study his surroundings through his senses. Sensorial learning is a natural way to gain knowledge of our environment.

Benefits of Auditory Materials:

Auditory materials show children how to discriminate between different sounds by using sensorial materials. All of us, as parents, want to prepare our children to become logical, aware, and perceptive individuals. Then it is time to think about having Montessori materials at home. It will not cost a lot to its benefits. 

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Sahar Radwan
Montessori Directress

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