8 Things Every Child Needs – Essential and good For kids

8 Things Every Child Needs

Many parents are curious about what children genuinely need in an age of intense marketing to both parents and children. It turns out that the solution is pretty obvious.

According to Harley Rotbart, MD, a nationally recognized parenting expert and former vice chair of pediatrics at Children’s Colorado, “years of research in child development have revealed eight fundamental prerequisites for kids to become happy, successful adults.” “And none involve video games, flashy clothing, or high-tech equipment.”

The Eight Things Kids Need to Thrive


With their fundamental requirements for a home, food, clothing, healthcare, and protection from harm addressed, children must feel secure and protected.


Family and community are the sources of stability. When a family cannot stay together and maintain a stable home, it is crucial to cause the least disruption to the child’s life possible. More prominent groups should be a part of their lives to provide children and families with a sense of community, tradition, and cultural continuity.


Parents should coordinate their parenting and make sure strong values remain constant. There should be no “good cop, bad cop” mentality.

Emotional support

Parents should model trust, respect, self-worth, and ultimately independence for their children through their words and deeds.


Almost all parenting “mistakes” you may make can be fixed by expressing and demonstrating your love for your children. Show your kids that you love them and will always love them, even when they disobey, are enraged, frustrated, or rebelled against you.


Make sure your children receive the most excellent education possible for their future. This includes education, but it also refers to the priceless life teachings you provide while you are together.

Positive role models

The primary and most significant role models for children are their parents. Being the person you want your children to become will instill your values and teach them empathy.


Without them, children are forced to become adults before they are ready, which diminishes their respect for you and other adults.

What Every Child Needs For Good Mental Health

The physical requirements of a child are simple for parents to recognize: a healthy diet, warm clothing in cold weather, and a suitable bedtime. The child’s mental and emotional demands might not be as apparent. Children in good mental health are better able to reason, grow socially, and pick up new abilities. The development of self-confidence, strong self-esteem, and a positive emotional view in children is also facilitated by supportive adults and good friends.

Good Mental Health

The physical and mental well-being of a child is both crucial.

Basics for a Child’s Good Physical Health:

  • Healthy food
  • Suitable lodging and rest
  • Exercise
  • Immunizations
  • A comfortable home setting
Basics for a child's good physical health

The Fundamentals of a Child’s Mental Health:

  • Family’s unconditional love
  • Self-assurance and high regard for oneself
  • The chance to play with kids of other ages
  • Supportive caregivers and motivating educators
  • Secure and safe environment
  • Appropriate guidance and discipline

Give Children Unconditional Love

The three pillars of family life should be love, security, and acceptance. Children must understand that your affection for them is unconditional and unrelated to their achievements.

Give Children Unconditional Love

Failures and mistakes must be anticipated and acknowledged. Confidence grows in a home filled with unwavering love and affection.

Nurture Children’s Confidence and Self-Esteem

  • Praise Them – Encouragement of a child’s first steps or aptitude for learning a new game aids in developing their desire to explore and learn about their surroundings. Give kids a secure space to play and explore where they won’t get hurt. Smile and communicate with them frequently to reassure them. Participate fully in all of their activities. Your focus boosts their self-esteem and confidence.
  • Set Realistic Goals – Young children require attainable objectives that reflect their aspirations and skills. Older youngsters can select activities that challenge them and boost their self-confidence with your assistance.
  • Be Honest – Don’t keep your kids from knowing about your mistakes. They need to understand that mistakes are something we all make. They are learning that grownups make mistakes may be incredibly reassuring.
  • Avoid Sarcastic Remarks – Ask the child how they feel about the scenario if they lose a game or flunk an exam. Children could become dejected and want encouragement. When they are prepared, speak up and reassure them later.
  • Encourage children – should put up their best effort while also taking pleasure in the process. Children learn about teamwork, self-esteem, and new abilities as they participate in new activities.

Make Time For Play!

Encourage young people to play

Children view play as pure amusement. However, playtime, like food and proper care, is crucial for their development. Children learn creativity, problem-solving techniques, and self-control through play. Running around and shouting while engaging in vigorous play is entertaining for kids and promotes their physical and mental well-being.

Kids require playmates

Children should occasionally spend time with their peers. Children establish their feeling of belonging, identify their talents and shortcomings, and learn how to get along with others through playing with other kids. Consider asking your neighbors, local community centers, schools, or your park and recreation agency for recommendations on a good kids’ program.

Parents make excellent playmates

Join in the fun! Playing Monopoly or drawing together with a child is a terrific way to exchange ideas and enjoy quality time.

Just for Laughs

Being involved and having fun is more important than winning. Did you have fun? Is one of the most crucial questions to ask kids. instead of “Did you win?”

In our goal-oriented culture, we frequently celebrate success and victory. Children learning and experimenting with new things may find this approach disheartening and irritating. Children’s participation and enjoyment are more crucial.

TV Usage Needs to be Controlled

Try to avoid frequently using TV to “babysit.” Choose children’s television programs carefully. Some programs offer both entertainment and knowledge.

School Should be Enjoyable!

For kids, starting school is a significant occasion. They are giving kids a taste of school life by having them “play school,” which can be beneficial.

A preschool, Head Start, or another comparable community program that offers the chance to interact with other children and develop new friends is something you should try to enroll them in. Additionally, children can learn the fundamentals of academics and decision-making and problem-solving skills.

Give Adequate Direction and Illuminating Discipline

Children must have the chance to experiment, learn new things, and become more independent. Children also need to understand that they are accountable for their actions and that certain behaviors are unacceptable.

Children must learn the norms of the family as members of one. Provide fair and consistent direction and discipline. 

Advice on Direction and Discipline

Be firm with your expectations but also courteous and reasonable. Your love and encouragement are essential to a child’s development. Lead by example. If you don’t engage in this conduct yourself, you cannot expect a youngster to do so. Avoid pestering children, making threats, and offering rewards. Children will learn to ignore nagging, and threats and bribes rarely work.

Explain to kids “why” you are punishing them and any possible adverse effects of their behavior. Discuss your feelings. We all experience occasional rage. It’s crucial to discuss what happened and your anger if you do “blow your top.” If you were wrong, I apologize!

Keep in mind that the objective is for the youngster to gain self-control, not to be controlled.

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