Balance Board

أطفال على لوح التوازن

Using Balance in Daily Life

We all use the balance in everyday life activities. It is used in walking in the Livingroom picking up a toy from the floor, and pouring water from a pitch; balance plays a vital role in everyday aspects. If you are engaged in sports that enhance the body balance, you can send your balance into overdrive.

Which Age we can use balance board?

The balance board can used from birth. It depends on how you use it with the children. It is used as a rocking space for a newborn and a toy for an older baby. You could use it as a challenging activity for the toddler. It is used for climbing, sliding, standing,

The balance board functions well for personal use at home, it doesn’t take space to store. It has a very highly beneficial form. When you use the balance board, you push the body to act and react faster in your daily activities. There are different types of activities that can be done by using the balance board. Check the below posing.

Balance Board

Mental health

There is a relationship between mental health and the balance of the body. If the body is more balanced then there is a development happening in mental health. If we observe Tai Chi, It concentrates on improving mental health and body balance to have a fruitful life. There are more benefits in specific like the following:

1- Improving the balance between the two halves of a body ( the left half and the right half)

2- Developing gross motor coordination

3- Develops the stability of the body and the body’s reactions of the movement

4-Improves the awareness of the center of gravity

5-Sense of confidence 

6- Practice spatial awareness

Here is a site for how to use it in steps with toddlers

Sahar Radwan – Montessori Directress

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