Giving Toys with Purpose

Giving toys with purpose

Montessori materials (toys) for grasping and hand transfer service the milestone of development for the toddler. At nine months, the infant can put the wooden egg in the cup and remove it back. Even placing the cube in the box is a more complex action as he needs to adjust the corner. Dr. Maria Montessori called the activities as the fitting exercise.

These activities (Toys) develop the following:

  1.  Eye-hand coordination
  2.  The mid line
  3. Coordination of the two hand together

See Baanoon Montessori Baby Set to Strengthen Muscles and Motor Skills here that include the egg, cube and cup.

The best is wood

As we all notice that all toddlers Montessori materials are made of natural wood. 

Dr. Maria Montessori marked in her writings that wood is the most appropriate material in manufacturing the Montessori materials as it is part of nature. It is very valuable for children to connect to their natural world. This is partly considered as exposer to the outside environment in other words Earth.

“The land is our roots. The children must be taught to feel and live with harmony with earth”

Dr. Maria Montessori

Help mum 

In addition, the caregiver has an essential role in developing the child’s skills. You can assist in developing the milestone of the toddler development by providing appropriate materials (toys) for him to develop. If the child is given appropriate materials, he will be a peacemaker at home. For you give him his needs and stimulated his senses. The toddler is like a human being interested to know.

“The senses being explorers of the word, open the way to knowledge” 

Dr. Maria Montessori

Sahar Radwan

Montessori Directress

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