About Our Online Store

The idea of Baanoon Store was raised by a mother who has studied a lot in the field of early childhood and Montessori and her practical experiences in trying to contribute to the improvement and development of the world of childhood. In an attempt to facilitate their access to a part of their right to this life and her belief in the right to invest and instill good in children. The activities and experiences she has had in the field of childhood have varied such as works and initiatives in the field of healthy and sound child nutrition, and in the field of developing children's education through educational programs and technologies in the first grades of children's schools. Ending with Baanoon, which came to complete this journey by publishing products that contribute to education, development and fun for children, mother and the whole family 💖.

Mom carrying her kid

Our Values

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Baanoon is maintaining a very high values when to come to selecting products and provided services. Educational, creative, enjoyable, environmentally friendly and add aesthetic value to the place in which it is located.  We are keen to preserve the environment as much as we can,  so that it has a slight negative impact on the environment and is fully or semi biodegradable or recycled.

Our Customers

At this stage, Baanoon Store is focusing on kids products from age 0 to 12 that met our values and high quality.

Our Toys and Activities

Our current focus at Baanoon is on providing products, toys and activities that contribute to the physical, mental and emotional development of the child. In a world full of eGames and electronic devices. Baanoon has come to provide carefully selected creative toys and products, and activities chosen by specialists in the field of early childhood and the field of Montessori to ensure the provision of safe, educational, useful, and experience enriching activities and toys while ensuring a unique advantage which is in addition to the quality of the product, the beauty of the product so that its ability to give an aesthetic advantage to the place where it is located.

Our Products Are

ألعاب خشبية

Natural Wood

Made of completely or almost completely natural materials (mostly 100% natural wood).

ألعاب خشبية

Safe Colors

Colored with materials that are safe and harmless to the child.

ألعاب الرمل

Safe Silicon & Plastic

If product made from Silicone then it is a high quality food authorized by the FDA or if it contains some plastic it will be safe plastic free of BPA.

لوح التوازن الخشبي

Approved Products

It is authorized by GCC Standardization Organization and Saudi Standard Metrology and Quality Organization.

Baanoon Articles

We seek to disseminate our expertise in the field of early childhood and its related activities through articles written by specialists in the fields of childhood and holders of local or international degrees in their field of specialization.

Our Promise

We at Baanoon are keen to spread and support whatever related to contributing to the development of the child, mother, father and family, we promise you to expand and develop in this field to serve you as much as we can in line with our values whenever the opportunity allows.

We receive all your opinions and suggestions that may contribute to us the following email: shop@baanoonstore.com