Will I receive a product that is exactly identical to what I saw in the photos displayed on the site?

Yes, we at Baanoon are keen to photograph the products professionally while allowing the feature of enlarging the image so that it appears as the original product on the ground as much as we can.

How to return a product?

In case the defect in the product is manufacturer's and complies with the conditions mentioned in the exchange and return policy, please contact us via shop@baanoonstore.com and it will be returned or exchanged as you wish.

Will the inventory be returned for products that have been written "Out of stock"?

Yes, the products displayed on the site will be returned and in case of inability to provide them will be deleted from the site.

Does delivery include specific countries?

Delivery is currently available for worldwide.

What kind of support can you give me as a child business owner?

We support business owners in the field of children whose services or products are in line with our values through several ways please contact us

via phone number +966593385297.

Can I pack the product?

Not currently but soon this service will be provided to give gifts to the fullest.